Meraki Agent Download

The DOWNLOAD button below is used for hosting the Meraki agent file for distribution to employees. Users do not actually see this page, but this allows us to create a link to the file for downloading.

The Meraki agent is updated periodically, so the linked file needs to be updated accordingly. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Mouse over the DOWNLOAD MERAKI AGENT button below and click EDIT
  2. Click on the Clickthrough URL
  3. Select Files > Existing File
  4. Mouse over and click the X to delete the existing copy
  5. Click on New File
  6. Drag the new file to upload into the "Add a file" area
  7. Make sure the new file is selected (bold)
  8. Click APPLY

NOTE: This page is not meant to be seen by any users. It must be kept in the NOT LINKED section of the site navigation.